ERG Container Loading & Unloading Conveyor

ERG Container Loading & Unloading Conveyors are widely used in cross-border E-commerce warehouses with a large number of SKU goods.

Operation & Maintenance Manual for ERG Container Loading & Unloading Conveyor v01

Product Name:ERG Container Loading & Unloading Conveyor

Application Scenarios: ERG Container Loading & Unloading Conveyors are widely used in cross-border E-commerce warehouses with a large number of SKU goods.

Product parameter table

ERG Container Loading & Unloading Conveyor
Carton Size: L3600*W1580*H1620mm Net Weight: 1500kgs
Working voltage/frequency: 220V & 50±10Hz Power supply: AC / rechargeable battery
Operation voltage: 24V Package weight: 50kgs/pc maximum
Conveying option: Loading, unloading, or loading & unloading Efficiency: 1200-1500pcs/hour maximum
Minimum distance the front end of the conveyor can descend: 340mm from the ground Other Functional Services:   Fan can be added to the fuselage column.
Boarding bridge(for Container/Truck): Easy to climb uphill on the boarding bridge    

Spare parts are supplied with the delivery together



Detailed Description:

— —-ERG Container Loading & Unloading Conveyors are widely used in cross-border e-commerce warehouses with a large number of SKU goods. When receiving goods from overseas warehouses, this machine adopts a large number of ergonomic principles to assist operators in improving their work efficiency, improving work environment, reducing labor intensity, and effectively reducing the damage rate of goods during transportation.

The operator platform and the unloading section conveyor can be linked to achieve loading and unloading purposes by dragging goods in different positions such as up, down, left, and right within the container to the unloading section conveyor with the minimum movement distance. At the same time, this machine adopts flexible conveyor lines that can freely move forward, backward, and turn left and right during loading and unloading by controlling the origin and extreme position of the AGV steering wheel;   At the same time, the AGV steering wheel drive at the rear of this machine utilizes power storage to achieve cross warehouse walking and large angle climbing up and down the bridge, solving the loading and unloading needs of some warehouses without platforms. Normally, it can work for about 5 working days when fully charged. This machine can carry 50KG/PCS goods on the side and transport them at a speed of 5-35 meters per minute. The loading and unloading efficiency of a single operator can reach 900-1200 pieces per hour, basically avoiding the problem of packaging damage.

—— We are mainly committed to providing comprehensive solutions for cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouses at home and abroad. While fully realizing ergonomic loading and unloading, we can also use DWS system to collect SKU information and accordingly with the warehouse management system to achieve communication and data exchange. We use mechanical arms or robots for efficient stacking, and AGV to transport to designated shelves or piles at designated locations.

—– We will provide the best overall cost-effective solution, the most reliable products, the best services, and the most competitive prices for domestic and foreign cross-border e-commerce overseas warehouse customers to handle the inbound unloading, palletizing, and outbound transportation and sorting.
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