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Ergonomic and automated solution for your warehouses

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It has the characteristics of high handling efficiency, convenient transportation and flexible operation. It can be effectively reduce the operation difficulty of users, improve work efficiency, and has good market prospects.

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Your loading & unloading will get much more easy, safe and efficient with ERG

Ergonomic design of our ERG changes the loading and unloading work fundamentally. 

  • Our ERG is cost-effective, and you can have more ERG with the same budget for other brands.
  • You will get sufficient spare parts and training in advance to shorten possible downtime with the design of fast repair and replacement.
  • In-house production ensures on-time delivery and better quality control.

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why choose us

We Also provide

the automation solution

for Overseas E-Commerce Warehouse

We have over ten-year experience in automation solution for the domestic and foreign express or E-commerce warehouses, such as Alibaba’s Cainiao, JDL, SF Express and so on.


We can provide design, production, overseas installation and commissioning. We are an eligible secondary partner of logistic gaints.


You can receive continuous optimization and iteration to keep your system operating in the best state.

Customization up request

Your customization based on your unique application can be realized by our skilled R & D team with over 10-year experience.