ERG Container Loading & Unloading Plastic Chain Plate Conveyor

Basic parameters:Product Name: ERG Container Loading & Unloading Plastic Chain Plate Conveyor1. Basic parameters:

1. Basic parameters:

ERG Container Loading and Unloading Plastic Chain Plate Conveyor
Size of package L3600*W1850*H2220mm Net Weight 1500kgs
Working voltage / frequency 110-220V / 50±10H AGV Power supply 48V/50AH Rechargeable battery
Operation voltage 24V Package weight 50kgs/pc maximum
Conveying option Loading, unloading, or loading & unloading Efficiency 1200-1500pcs/hour maximum
Minimum distance the front end of the conveyor can descend 300mm from the ground Other Functional


Fans, light added on the mast
Vehicle loading ramp Get on and down easily Conveying speed 15-30m/min ( adjustable )
Platform loading capacity 200kgs maximum Platform trip range 100-650mm

2. Application: Cross-border E-commerce overseas warehouses, logisitic hubs, factory loading and unloading;

ERG Container Loading & Unloading Plastic Chain Plate Conveyors are widely used in cross-border e-commerce

warehouses for a large number of SKU goods. When receiving goods from overseas warehouses,this machine

adopts a large number of ergonomic principles to assist operators in improving their work efficiency, improving

work environment, reducing labor intensity, and effectively reducing the damage rate of goods during