Telescopic Motorized Flexible Roller Conveyor

Realization of overseas warehouse loading & unloading assembly line system with ERG Container Loading & Unloading Belt Conveyor.

Product Name: Telescopic Motorized Flexible Roller Conveyor

Product introduction:
This flexible roller conveyor is electrically driven, movable, retractable and adjustable in height. It is widely used in conveyor, logistics transportation, loading and unloading operations, factory production lines and other fields.

Description: (Customized size acceptable)

Product parameter table

Standard size of one unit of O-belt roller conveyor:
Length  (L): 500mm (fully retracted), 1000mm (fully expanded) Roller material: Zn-plated carbon steel or stainless steel
Width  (W): 600mm (effective conveying width) Matching with other Conveyor: fast and easy mounted or offload on Conveyor
Height (H): 750±50mm Conveying:  loading or unloading
Load capacity: 50kg/pc(45lbs/pc) Maintenance: Easily replacement
Roller Dia.: 50mm, O-belt steel roller with precision bearing Power: 90W/unit

Spare parts are supplied with the delivery together